03/07/2022 - Present

Master Of Tournaments

Project Type - Web Application

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Purpose of the project

To provide anyone the capacity to run a poker tournament at a professional standard on any device they want. This project provides the resources necessary to run a tournament of any size and of any length of time.

Simple to set up and simple to use, the end users experience was at the forefront of every decision made for this project.

Technologies used

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Key Features

Complete Responsiveness

To ensure everyone has the ability to use this application it has been made available on every device. Scaling up from small smart phones all the way to 4k monitors.

Disconnection Prevention

Any tournament started is run on a server and not locally, this means that an issue with a users local machine will not affect the running of that tournament.

Using this setup also allows for multiple devices to control the same tournament. A smartphone can be turned into a controller that can run a tournament that is being cast to another monitor.

The control page for tournaments shown on a mobile phone display

Creative Customisation

Allowing the application to run on any screen size on any device brings with it some challenges, most notably the possibility that the styling that was added may not be quite right.

To combat this the app allows for fine tuning of the elements being displayed, including the brightness of the background and the text size, to allow for a more complete user experience.

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