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Purpose of the project

Being able to play poker and being able to deal poker are two very different disciplines. The purpose of this project is to help anyone gain the skills needed to become a professional poker dealer.

The project contains multiple modules ranging from absolute beginner all the way to the more advanced concepts. It is likely that at some point in a persons career they will encounter a unique situation that no-one has ever found themselves in. It is the hope that after studying these modules that whoever uses this will have the necessary resources to deal with those kinds of situations.

Technologies used

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Key Features

Modulated Learning

Splitting up the learning process into seperate modules allows anybody, no matter their current skill level, the ability to use this application.

Start from scratch with Hand Recognition or jump straight into the more complex scenarios with the Following The Action module.

There are 9 different modules. Each of which allows the opportunity to practice, study a particular part of that module or undertake a time trial to test the users skills.

The modules are

  • Hand Names
  • Hand Ranks
  • Texas Hold em - Hand Recognition
  • Texas Hold em - Winning Hand
  • Pot Limit Omaha - Hand Recognition
  • Pot Limit Omaha - Winning Hand
  • Pot Limit Omaha - Pot Calculation
  • Following The Action
  • Rake Calculation

Focus Study

Not everything is learned at the same rate, this includes sub-sections of the same material. Sometimes one piece takes a little longer than the rest. This application allows you to fine tune your learning and really focus in on what you really need to study on.

Perhaps you miss recognising flushes or miscalculate 5% rake in comparison to 10%. Whatever your need this application tries to aid its user as much as it can.

Table Test

Once a user familiarises themselves with all of the modules and what they have to offer they can take on the Table Test, the final challenge this application provides.

With the attempt to simulate dealing at a real table this test will use questions from all modules at varying frequencies.

Entry point for the table test

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