15/12/2020 - Present

Accountants DR

Project Type - Website

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Purpose of the project

This client needed a new professional website that accurately mirrored their company. Company colours were to be used to create a clean and clear business design.

The main focus of this website was promotion of the company and to increase the likelihood of converting a visitor into a client. To aid in this endevaour a direct link to the clients LinkedIn profile was added to the main navigation.

Technologies used

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Key Features

Self Assessment Calculator

This feature allows visitors to the website to fill in a short questionnaire to find out if they need to submit a self assessment. If it turns out that they do then an additional contact form is presented to them, increasing the chance that they are converted from a visitor to a client.

Unique Contact Form

Unlike standard contact forms a design for a more modern form was decided upon. This form would present a single question per view point and would provide immediate validation feedback to the user.

Navigation through the questions can be achieved via arrows and also the validation blips that are on screen the entire time.

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